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Significance of Sustaining Your Pores and skin Integrity

While we dedicate a significant portion of our time optimizing diet and incorporating specific exercise routines for maintaining a healthy body, we often neglect our largest organ – the skin. As the external layer of the body, our skin is continuously subjected to the environment the body’s own process called elastosis. Just like any other …

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Prime 10 Hair Colour Concepts Trending in 2019

Hair coloring was limited to a few shades for decades, but as the fashion industry evolved into fascinating treatments and options, the style icons try colors that are never used before. In fact, the fashion industry craves for doing something different. Every year, the hair color ideas go viral that are distinct and unique from …

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Hair Wigs vs Hair Extensions – A Comparability

This is my 10th year of running my hair salon in Dubai. One of the most common questions that customer asks me in consultation sessions is to help them pick between hair wigs and hair extensions. Well, the fact is that the solution is entirely subjective to the matter of preferences and conditions. However, In …

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Naturally blond and high-quality hair lacks medulla

The Layers of the Hair Medulla Hair is composed of three principal layers, each with its specific purpose. If you were to examine a cross section of a hair shaft under a microscope, you would see the innermost or center portion of the hair shaft, the medulla. The medulla is also called the pith or …

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Significance of a salon therapy

Many customers make arrangements to visit a salon in Dubai. A salon offers different services to their diverse customer base. These services include hair washing, haircuts, styles, and other hair services. They also provide professional nail treatments like cleaning, shaping, and polishing. Women adore these services because they like to not only look good but …

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Advantages Of Selecting The Greatest Salon

The beauty industry is booming as more and more people actually prefer to look and feel absolutely fabulous. Ladies and gentlemen who are actually concerned about their appearance and health make it a point to regularly visit professional hair and beauty salons to get the latest hairstyles and/or enjoy rejuvenating facials.

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Discover a Grasp Stylist in Dubai

Hairstyles contribute to an individual’s sense of personality and their overall appearance; which is why women especially take great care on where they go to have their hair cut, styled and colored. It cannot be just anyone that has a pair of scissors and advertises their services, for the results could be devastating. If it …

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