Half Up 5 Strand Braid

When you’re a fan of the woven braid, you then’re going to like in the present day’s tutorial. I used the identical method for this half updo and it makes creating these braids a lot simpler to do than different tutorials I’ve seen.

I’ve all the time been too afraid to check out any braid that has greater than Four sections however with this system you’re principally specializing in three strands in the beginning as an alternative of 5 so it’s loads simpler to see and management what you’re doing.

I hope the tutorial is straightforward to know and that you just give it a strive. As all the time, make sure you let me know what you suppose! xo, Missy

Half Up 5 Strand Braids Provides:

Half Up 5 Strand Braids Directions:

  • Step 1 / Start by parting the hair the place you usually choose. I put mine barely off middle.
  • Step 2 / Decide up a bit on the left facet of the half and divide it into three items for the braid.
  • Step 3 / Cross the proper strand over the center, then cross the left strand over the center.
  • Step 4 / Now take the proper strand and lay this out of the best way.
  • Step 5 / Then choose up a brand new part on the proper facet, cross it over the center strand as a replacement.
  • Step 6 / Drop down the left strand, choose up a brand new part behind it, and cross it over the center strand.
  • Step 7 / Now drop the proper strand, let down the piece put aside and produce it below the proper strand, crossing it over the center strand.
  • Step 8 / Then choose up a brand new piece, crossing it into the center strand as nicely.
  • Step 9 / Now drop down the left strand, take the earlier strand that was unnoticed, cross it below the left strand, after which over the center strand into the braid.
  • Step 10 / Then choose up a brand new part of hair and cross it over to the center strand.
  • Step 11 / Repeat these steps persevering with the braid till hair is introduced in above the left ear.
  • Step 12 / Then cease including new sections into the braid and proceed braiding the part all the way down to the ends in a 5 strand braid.
  • Step 13 / Now slide a bobby pin over the top of the braid after which return over the braid pulling on the perimeters to make it fuller.
  • Step 14 / Repeat those self same steps and create a second 5 strand braid with the hair on the proper facet.
  • Step 15 / Now convey the proper braid across the again of the pinnacle and pin it in place with bobby pins.
  • Step 16 / Then wrap the left braid below the proper braid pinning it in the back of the pinnacle.
  • Step 17 / Then set all the pieces in place with hairspray.

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