Naturally blond and high-quality hair lacks medulla

The Layers of the Hair Medulla Hair consists of three principal layers, every with its particular function. If you happen to have been to look at a cross part of a hair shaft beneath a microscope, you’ll see the innermost or middle portion of the hair shaft, the medulla. The medulla can be referred to as the pith or marrow of the hair. It’s composed of spherical cells, two to 5 rows throughout. Thick or coarse hair often incorporates a medulla. Wonderful hair for essentially the most half lacks a medulla, as does naturally blonde hair. The aim of the medulla has not but been decided. Cortex The cortex of the hair consists of fibrous protein core of elongated cells which can be bonded tightly collectively. The cortex incorporates melanin pigment and is chargeable for giving the hair its energy, elasticity and tenacity. It’s chargeable for roughly 90 p.c of the entire weight of the hair. That is the layer of the hair the place chemical adjustments happen when altering the colour, completely waving, or stress-free the hair. Cuticle The cuticle of the hair is the outermost layer. It’s composed of a clear, scale-like single layer of overlapping cells. The operate of those overlapping, shingle-like scales is to guard the cortex. The cuticle is the protecting barrier for the cortex and the medulla. Merchandise with a excessive pH trigger the cuticle layer to swell and permit liquids to penetrate into the cortex. Merchandise with a low pH will trigger the cuticle to shrink and harden. Glossary of Phrases Cortex – the second layer of the hair Cuticle – the very skinny outer layer of the pores and skin or hair Medulla – the marrow within the numerous bone cavities; the pith of the hair

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